The View From A Mobile Seat

We are glad to be working on our blog again. For years we have written inverter guides and RV solar stories as well as covering our travels both on grid and off grid. We have a lot to catch up on and we look forward to sharing our experiences and feedback with you.


I am the guy pictures above and will be writing many of these articles. That is my amazing wife in the background of this picture. She is my co-pilot and is often afoot on all of our adventures.


This is our current vehicle we use for marketing and test trips. It is a Mercedes 2015 2500 Crew Sprinter Van. This van carries the name “Buzz Year 2” or BY2 for short. We will also start discussing many of the applications and questions received from our customers at our online store


This is on of the reasons why I follow signs and take roads off the beaten path. I am not sure exactly where this was, but I think Kilgore, ID. In the absolute middle of nowhere, these statues rose across the great expanse. Things like this make me want to drive the next mile and take the next right and follow a sign that says rocket display in the middle of Utah.