Using a power inverter to run a Freezer

Here is a power inverter questions sent to

Q: I need to understand what kind of power inverter to use to power a freezer to transfer ice cream from one location to another. I read something that I may also need another battery.

A: We get a lot of customers who want to run freezers on power inverters for a variety of reasons. There are several inverters that will run freezers. True sine wave inverters are the best, but modified sine inverters can run many freezers on the market.

With True sine wave you can get a GFCI outlet and know that the power will be clean and reliable to your freezer. Here would be a sample Freezer Power inverter setup on a true sine wave inverter.

3000 watt sine wave inverter 


Install Kit w/ fuse and block



Here would be an example of a freezer power inverter setup using a heavy duty modified sine inverter:
Either setup would be fine to run a freezer, but I would recommend the True Sine Wave Hands down. It is better for the equipment and the GFCI outlet adds an extra layer of safety.


3000 heavy duty inverter

install kit w/ fuse and block