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    Power Inverter Applications Archives

    January 21, 2007

    Power Inverters for Cars

    Power inverters are often used in cars. The inverters allow users to power items from a TV and a VCR to Xbox or a laptop.

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    January 30, 2007

    Tractor Power Inverter

    Tractors are a common application for power inverters. We have seen power inverters used to run a variety of applications on a tractor.

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    February 2, 2007

    TV Inverter for Cars

    Power small TV in your car!

    If you want to power a small TV in your car, we have got a few power inverters we recommend.

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    Xbox in your Car : Power Inverter

    Install your Xbox in your car!

    Many people get bored in their car. So install your Xbox in your car to create a back seat gaming environment.

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    Power Drill on Power Inverter

    Run your power Drill on a Power Inverter!

    Yes, it is true you can run a power drill on a regular modified sine wave power inverter. Power inverters change DC battery power to AC household power.

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    February 3, 2007

    Auto Power Inverters

    Auto Power Inverters are Here!

    Outside Supply is selling auto power inverters for use in your Automobile. We sell quite a few models of the power inverters.

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    Motorhome Inverters

    3000 Watt Power Inverter Sine Wave Motorhome Inverters are reliable and effective!

    Adding a power inverter to your motorhome can provide great power while you dry camp or in between generator runs. We carry a full line of Motorhome Inverters. These come in a variety of types and voltages.

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    Dell Laptop Inverters

    I run my Dell 600m Laptop on a power inverter!

    I am able to run my Dell laptop and a printer on a power inverter. I run them in my car on a Sine Wave 1500 Watt Power Inverter.

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    Battery Charger with Power Inverter

    Running a battery charger with Power Inverter!
    Battery Charger / Power Inverter
    We usually run a battery charger with a power inverter in applications where shore power will become available. We do carry a few inverter charger models. We have found that sometimes it is easier to buy the charger and the inverter separate. This gives you more flexibility on charger size and inverter size.

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    February 15, 2007

    Power Home Furnace With Power Inverter

    Would you like to power your home furnace with a power inverter?

    Or at least backup it up in case of power failure. You can provide backup power to your furnace or pellet stove. First you need to calculate the load required to run your furnace. How many watts of electricity does it use? Is there a start up load on the furnace? Information from OutsideSupply.com

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    Emergency Back Up Power Inverter

    Need power in an emergency? How about a disaster?

    OutsideSupply.com knows all too well how important backup power inverters are. In an emergency or a disaster, a power inverter can provide your link to to the outside world. It is scary when you realize that phones, computers, televisions, radios and other devices stop working when the power goes out. For 5 minutes we can all get by. What about when the power is out for weeks?

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    February 18, 2007

    Inverter backs up Aquarium

    OutsideSupply.com Customer proposed Inverter use:

    One customer has used one of our power inverters and transfer switch to backup his aquarium. He has an aquarium that requires constant circulation of water over the rocks. He needed a solution that would help him keep the power on even when grid power failed. He has a generator for long outages, but wanted an automatic solution even if it could not run power for long periods.

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    RV Inverter Wiring

    RV Inverter Wiring Info

    This article is broken into two main parts. The input or DC side wiring and the AC or Output side wiring. While this does have some information, one of the best places to look for wiring information is always the RV wiring info and your power inverter manual. Accessories for RV inverter wiring also have other useful information for connecting your system up properly and safely.

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    Power Inverters for Camping

    We love to car camp, can we bring a power inverter camping?

    Yes you can use power inverters for camping, especially if you car camp. This way you have your car battery and can use you inverter while camping. I have taken my inverter in many car camping trips. By car camping I mean we drive to the state park, set up a tent and keep our car free to travel around the area. Look at all of our great Camping Power Inverters at OutsideSupply.com.

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    Automobile Power Inverters

    Great Automobile Power Inverters!

    That's right, Outsidesupply.com carries a ton of power inverters that will work in your Automobile. We have sine wave power inverters and modified sine wave power inverters. We carry many inverter accessories like install kits for automobile. We also have a variety of DC voltage testers.

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    February 20, 2007

    Power Inverters power Mardi Gras Celebration

    Power Inverter produces reliable power during the Parades.

    This year we went to several parades. We took along our 1500 watt power inverter that is installed in my Jetta TDI. We pulled up to the parade route and got ready to enjoy Mardi Gras for all it's worth. Now I just want everyone to know there are two kinds of Mardi Gras, a family oriented Mardi Gras and the the not so family oriented one.

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    March 7, 2007

    Tailgating Power Inverter

    Do you Tailgate? I mean like the Party kind of Tailgate, not the crazy kind of tailgate.

    If so, we, OutsideSupply.com, carry a full line of power inverters that are great for your tailgating parties. From powering a crock pot full of chili to powering a blender, we got you covered.

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    March 31, 2007

    Power Inverter for Mobile Office

    Mobile Offices are now all the rage for Sales People and Support Personnel.

    Adding a power inverter, computer or laptop, and printer to your car can create a perfect Mobile Office. OutsideSupply.com carries a wide variety of devices and equipment to kee that mobile office productive.

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    April 6, 2007

    Air Conditioner on Power Inverter in Teardrop

    I get the question quite a bit at www.outsidesupply.com, many people ask about running an air conditioner (AC) on a power inverter. Most people would like to run a window unit for a short period of time to keep something cool when there is no other power source.

    My teardrop camper is a perfect example. I do not want to run my air conditioner for 24 hours, I only want to get about 3 to 4 hours of cycled run time. This gives me enough cooling to get in my teardrop camper at a rest stop and get some rest before continuing to drive. I don't do this often but on my trip to the Florida Keys it was great to have this option.

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    Customer Orders Power Inverter for their T@B

    Customer chooses power inverter to use in their T@B.

    One of customer of Outside Supply called in about getting a power inverter for their travel trailer RV. They had a T@B, How cool! For those of you not familiar with T@B trailers, they are really cool and hip Teardrops that are a bit larger than the average teardrop campers. The power inverter customer wanted a power inverter to use when dry camping. Almost every device they had was 12 volts including a small TV.

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    April 8, 2007

    Work Truck Power Inverter


    Many work trucks use power inverters. These inverters supply AC power when it is not available from other sources. Think of all the times you need power on the job site. Outside Supply can get you that power for your truck so you can get the work done. We carry inverters from 300 watts to 5000 watts.

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    Telecom Trucks choose Outsidesupply.com for Power Inverters

    telcom.jpgTelecom truck fleet managers and purchasers need look no further than Outside Supply for high quality reliable power inverters to install in their Telcom service vehicles. We carry a full line of 12 and 24 volt DC power inverters that are great fits for running laptops, charging batteries and other electrical needs of a telcom service vehicle. We have a variety of pure sine and modifie sine wave inverters for all you telecom needs.

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    April 28, 2007

    Bus Power Inverter

    Bus Power inverterI got a call to Outside Supply a few weeks back from a gentleman that was interested in adding an inverter in his tour bus that would allow for a small workstation area he had created near the back of his bus. The workstation area had enough room for 4 customers / tourist to use their laptops to email and take pictures off. He was using a wireless connection that he had routed out over a switch. He wanted clean stable power for the customers computers and his networking equipment. The bus operated at 12 volts DC. So the decision was a no brain-er.

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    May 29, 2007

    Power Inverter for Semi Truck, Long Haul Truck, Eighteen Wheeler

    Power Inverters for Semi and Eighteen Wheeler Truck Applications.

    At Outside Supply, We carry a full range of power inverters for long-haul trucks, eighteen wheelers, and semis. We have inverters in true and modified sine wave ranging from a few hundred watts up to 3000 and more.

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    Power Inverter for Dump Truck

    Outside Supply had a call today from a dump truck owner needing to power a device that logs tickets and loads on a laptop computer. He was looking for a power inverter that would run the laptop from a cigarette lighter. He was very interested in the durability and simplicity of the power inverter.

    We suggested a 150 watt true sine wave inverter for his dump truck.

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    May 31, 2007

    Auto Glass company Power Inverter

    Outside Supply has sold many power inverters to Auto Glass service companies. Most mobile Auto Glass services rely on power inverters to provide power for their electrical devices used on the job.

    Power needs from Auto glass repair and replacement service include powering the following Items:

    Vacuum Cleaner - Used for cleaning up broken Auto Glass from vehicle being serviced.
    Cordless Tool Battery Charger - Many power tools are used during installs including the cordless extruder.
    Laptop - Used to determine service location and print invoices.
    Ticket Printer - Prints service tickets and invoices. Also can have deposit slips filled out for remote glass repair offices.
    Drill and other tools may also be used in glass service applications.

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    July 7, 2007

    24 Volt Inverter for Military Vehicles

    OutsideSupply.com carries a full line of 24 Volt power inverters. 24 volt power inverters are often used in military vehicles. This is because most military vehicles are 24 volt DC. I am not sure why they were designed this way, but once you determine that your vehicle is 24 volts, we can help you get the proper inverter.

    There are many uses for inverters in military vehicles, so here is what you need to know to get the proper inverter for your application.

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    July 14, 2007

    Car Power Inverter

    This OutsideSupply.com video features information on an inverter that is perfect for your car.

    This power Inverter is 12 volts and is rate at 150 watts. It produces True sine wave and is great for powering laptops, TVs, and other small personal electronics.

    150 Watt inverter For Your Car

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    September 23, 2007

    Vacuum Cleaner Power Inverter

    Vacuum Cleaner Inverter
    There are many of our customers who use vacuum cleaners in their vehicles to get their job done. Outside Supply provides these customers with reliable power inverters to get their vacuum cleaners running right. Vacuum cleaners need power inverters that can handle the start-up and running surge. This is why we really like to get the specs of the unit you hope to use in your mobile application.

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    September 30, 2007

    Power Inverters for Auto Glass Installers

    Auto Glass workers need power inverters.Many auto glass companies choose Outside Supply as their partner to provide reliable and dependable inverter power in their work vehicles. Most of our customers have used the cheap knock off inverters from the big box stores. Then they find the quality, price, and service delivered by Outside Supply, needless to say we get their orders from then on.

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    October 17, 2007

    Car Power Inverters

    Many people use inverters from Outside Supply as Car Power Inverters. This is because our power inverters can help operate many household devices in your car.

    Car Power Inverters can include hard wired Sine wave inverters.There are many advantages of having a power inverter installed in your car. You can use cell phone AC chargers to keep your battery charger. You can also charge camcorders, laptops, and other high tech equipment. As our lives have become more mobile, so have our gadgets and gizmo. Now a car power inverter can provide high quality power in your car.

    There are 2 main connection types available for power inverters in your car.

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    December 30, 2007

    How to calculate watts from items.

    Voltage X Amps= Watts

    This is a short video explaining how to properly calculate the number of watts a specific item might take. This is importan for sizing your power inverter. Outside Supply often gets questions on how to calculate wattage from the labels on different electronic devices.

    February 18, 2008

    In Car Printer - Wireless Inkjet and Inverter

    Power Inverter for In Car Wireless Printer

    Power Inverter allows Printing on the GO!

    We do a lot of printing here at Outside Supply.
    So it is no surprise that we print in our vehicles. In fact we have several setups that allow different kinds of printing. In my wife's car I needed and easier solution with no cables. So I decided on a wireless inkjet printer. I used the Go Power 300 Watt Sine Wave Power Inverter to provide the clean stable power need for the printer. I used an old breakfast tray for the printing caddy. This caddy allowed for storage for labels, packing slips, and envelopes.

    Inverter Car Ink-jet Wireless PrinterWireless printing in my car was my goal. I wanted to avoid, if possible, from running a wireless router since it would require more power and more wires. I found this Great HP inkject printer with 802.11G built into the printer. I set up an Ad Hoc network and can now print using my wireless card.

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