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    In Car Printer - Wireless Inkjet and Inverter

    Power Inverter for In Car Wireless Printer

    Power Inverter allows Printing on the GO!

    We do a lot of printing here at Outside Supply.
    So it is no surprise that we print in our vehicles. In fact we have several setups that allow different kinds of printing. In my wife's car I needed and easier solution with no cables. So I decided on a wireless inkjet printer. I used the Go Power 300 Watt Sine Wave Power Inverter to provide the clean stable power need for the printer. I used an old breakfast tray for the printing caddy. This caddy allowed for storage for labels, packing slips, and envelopes.

    Inverter Car Ink-jet Wireless PrinterWireless printing in my car was my goal. I wanted to avoid, if possible, from running a wireless router since it would require more power and more wires. I found this Great HP inkject printer with 802.11G built into the printer. I set up an Ad Hoc network and can now print using my wireless card.

    This in car printer has worked flawlessly. I suggest mounting with some really secure straps, as this unit can fly forward in an accident. The only issue is that the Ad Hoc network requires a click to begin use each time. Not a big deal but a nessecity.

    This has worked on both Windows XP and Windows Vista. It has really saved us time, by allowing us to get late night packages printed in the parking lot of our local FEDEX.

    Inverter Car Ink jet Wireless Printer

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