Paramotor Adventure on the beach in Mississippi

So many times we see really cool things living by the beach. Things that are just odd. Things like a plane flying 50 feet above the water or a sailboat beached near the shore. These unexpected things after a while become the norm.

A few days ago, we came across a group flying their paramotors on the beach here in Waveland, Mississippi. It was a group from Paramotor Louisiana. There were about 5 to 10 people out enjoying the day and their adventure high above the beach. A few were learning how to handle the wings and a few others were using Waveland's perfect winds to practice takeoffs and landings.

This sport is really cool to watch. It appears to quite a bit of fun, for the adventure minded who want the best view, this is for you.

The paramotors slowly fly by the pier on the Gulf of Mexico.

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